I was first introduced to Jin through one of my dad’s friends. He was described to me as a man who has deep understanding of the fundamentals of finance whom is passionate about sharing this knowledge to help others. This description was on the money (pun intended). Jin has been mentoring me for several months now, running through how our economy works, and where the opportunities are to build equity through leveraging what I have built so far. Real Estate equity is a tough winding road with lots of potential for mistakes that could cost you everything and send you back to square one. Jin doesn’t let me make these mistakes, and is patient with me as I learn at my own pace. I am extremely grateful for his mentorship, as I can finally understand the secrets of how best invest my time and money and make a life that I can be happy with. I am a big fan of Jin’s teachings … and I am sure you will be too.

Russell Willer, Toronto